wooden headjoints

Our wooden head joints are made entirely by hand from scratch. Through decades of controlled storage of the precious woods, we can create long-lasting individual pieces with the highest precision.  Find the right one for you from a variety of headjoints when you visit our workshop or at home in your usual environment.



For the construction of our wooden soldering heads, we only use our carefully selected grenadilla (Dalbergia melanoxylon) and cocus wood (Brya selbstus). The connecting tubes and the hand-forged rings are made of solid silver.



We give each wooden headpiece an unforgettable sound through our unique mouth holes. We cut each mouth hole into our headjoints with the utmost care. In combination with our mouth plates and the ingenious parabolic geometry of the inner tube, this creates a perfectly harmonious playing experience.



We offer three different fits for sale:

- Silver spigot for all makes of metal flutes

- Silver spigot for our current wooden flutes

- Double heart system for all historical wooden flutes